Ponteland Tranquillity Spa

Ponteland Tranquillity Spa

Salt steam

The Salt steam temperature is 42-45C with 100% humidity. The Tylohelo Wellness system provides fresh air with the steam for bathing of the highest quality. The steam is enhanced with a fine salt mist at regular intervals to add an extra inhalation experience.

Large format tiles throughout the room provide an attractive, robust and easily cleaned finish. Subtle underbench lighting completes the atmosphere.

Herbal sauna


The Herbal sauna temperature is 75-85C with 10-40% humidity. The finish throughout is a heat treated Aspen panel. The heaters are two 9kw underbench with 75 kilos of stone in each, excellent for the water and essence infusion.


Lighting is LED for the underbench with fibre optic spots in the ceiling to illuminate the ceramic back wall. The ceramic wall is both aesthetic and functional to provide protection where the sauna heaters are hottest.

Salt sauna


The Salt sauna is 85-95C with 5-15% humidity for a hot dry enviroment to contrast the herbal steam. The finish throughout is a light Aspen panel. The heater is a single 12kw underbench heater with 75 kilos of stone. The back wall is lined with himalayan salt bricks to provide the gentle salt aromas and gentle back lighting via side emitting fibre optic strands. Lighting is completed with LED strips disguised in the bench fronts.

Whirlpool Spa


The 3 metre diameter round overflow spa can accommodate up to 8 people. High specification filtration and chemical control systems ensure clear and safe water with ease of operation and maintenance.

Heated loungers


Three Sommerhuber heated ceramic loungers provide the ultimate in health suite relaxation.

Heated bench


One long heated ceramic bench provides additional comfortable seating for guests between the thermal experiences.

Feature shower


The feature shower has three programs for warming, cooling and stimulation. Each program has a varying shower effect with complimentary colour light to suit the mood. The cool mist also has a Euka Mint fragrance to enhance the experience. Sound effects accompany the tropical rain program with the sounds of the local Magpie!

Cleansing shower 


An overhead shower plate provides warm cleansing or cooling.