Steam Showers

Now it is easy to enjoy the luxury of a steam shower at home by adding steam to a shower enclosure, creating a new shower room with steam, or by building a dedicated steam shower room.


A sleek looking steam shower enclosure that symbolizes Scandinavian design. Vista is a steam shower enclosure that has matt black, minimalistic profiles that can be with or without threshold, to give your bathroom that modern and luxurious look. The glass walls are smoky grey for an extra graphic effect.

The enveloping steam starts in 2 minutes and soon you have a full, warm steam bath.

The steam gives a softer bath form where the heat is at 40-45 degrees. Research now shows that steam can provide many health benefits. The body’s joints are softened, it expels toxins from the body, provides better sleep, cleanses and softens the skin. Relieves stress and anxiety. Helps blood circulation and the immune system. The list of health benefits for both body and soul can be made long and sometimes it sounds almost too good to be true. Suffice it to say that you must experience the effects of the steam yourself. The best advice we can give you is to schedule your steam sessions to be an integral and natural part of your everyday routine.

Recharge, and shut out stress and anxiety. The steam room is our new place for free time, for reflection for well-being. Take a few deep breaths and let you get surrounded by the beneficial steam. No agitation, no demands. Feel the calm return as it pleases the heat is dissipated. Experience how you get new energy, how the steam cleanses you and makes you feel like a new person.

Rain Shower
Vista has a rain shower head in the ceiling and a high quality hand shower on the column for your preference.
Advanced Control Panel
You control your Vista steam shower with the advanced Elite Cloud control panel that blends perfectly into the black Stella column.
Enjoy the Fragrance Therapy
The steam outlet is very silent and has a fragrance compartment on top so that you can enjoy the fragrance therapy of your choice.

This steam shower enclosure comes in two sizes (130 x 90 x 213cm and 160 x 90 x 213 cm). You can choose if you want it with a left glass corner or a right, seen from the front. You need two walls and a floor to install the Vista properly


For the Vista experience, add the matching accessories; stools and shelf in matt black aluminum. Or, if you prefer, you can also choose the white Corian stools.

Pixel Stool
This stool can be used both inside your Vista steam enclosure or as a nice-looking stool in your bathroom. It is made of aluminium and in a softly bended shape, so it is comfortable to sit on. The smooth surface is covered in a beautiful matt black powder coating to match the profiles on the Vista
Pixel Shefl
A small shelf for your shower products or just as a nice decoration. It has the same matt black colour as the profiles on the Vista steam shower enclosure. Even if it is a slim model with its 400 mm in length and 90 mm in depth it can hold up to two kilos. The pattern of the pixels is cut so the water doesn’t stay on the shelf.
Stool Corian
Ergonomic and easily portable stool.
Stella Steam Column

Build your own at home steam bath with this modern steam column of true Scandinavian design. The black glass front and the chrome coloured details makes it easy to fit in any tiledshower space.

The enveloping steam starts in 2 minutes and soon you have a full, warm steam bath. You control your steam column with the advanced Elite Cloud control panel that blends in perfectly with the black Stella front. The glass front is wider than the column, to give it a floating, nicelook. Behind the glass is the neon LED lists.

The hand shower, thermostat and mixer are of high quality and luxury material. The steam outlet is very silent. Like the Vista, it has a fragrance compartment to enjoy the fragrance therapy of your choice. A ceiling shower head can be connected and controlled from the column. To match the black, sleek look you can add the matching stool and shelf in black aluminium.