Ready-to-tile steam rooms

Ready-to-tile steam rooms

The construction – MODUL-CAB

Firmly defined room constructions made of hard foam support material, consisting of floor element, walls including door, seat and roof element.

A building kit for cabins (e.g MODUL-CAB-Q 1180) from the MODUL product group is comprised of the following components:

  1. Roof (roof form FLAT)
  2. Wall construction as kit (wall thickness 50 mm, height 2390 mm)
  3. Flat frame (DOOR-TZ F-S)
  4. Glass door (DOOR GT-F-TK)
  5. Door knob (DOOR-TK)
  6. Seat (bench form SOLO)
  7. Floor element with floor drain support frame, factory sealed

Enhancements are possible with optional accessories such as a steam inlet, installation panel or flush-mounting box. Assembly accessories are offered as complete kits for all available sizes.